scorched earth (and other stories) volume 1
by tom van deusen

A slapstick portrait of human puerility. Follow Tom Van Deusen's despicable doppelgänger (also named Tom) through his tumultuous dating life in the first 4 parts of Scorched Earth, originally run in the Seattle newspaper collection Intruder. Also included are bonus comic strips, one of which is exclusive to this collection and will not be printed again.

"Cringe comedy on television and film has gotten old - mostly because the people putting it out are essentially actual racists doing some fake version of satire - but Scorched Earth is guilt-free and perfect." -Tucker Stone, The Comics Journal link

"[Scorched Earth] is funny as hell and you're going to have a hard time reading this without ending up feeling better about yourself." - Optical Sloth link

24 b&w pages
full color cover

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